Terms and Conditions for the Use of Logify

By using Logify app and web service (hereinafter also referred to as the "App"), you agree to be be bound by the following terms and conditions (hereinafter also referred to as the "Terms"):

  1. The developer of the App is OÜ i45 (Estonian Business Registry code 12241237, place of business Mäealuse 2/1, 12618 Talllinn, Estonia, e-mail address info@i45.com) (hereinafter also referred to as the "Developer").
  2. The App as a mobile phone application makes it possible for the user to record detailed driving data using smartphone, upload the data to cloud service, modify, publish and report the recorded when needed.
  3. The App has been made available to the user and has been accepted by the user on „as is" basis, i.e. as the App is at a certain time point, together with the possible defects that it may have. The Developer shall not ensure the conformity of the App with any requirements, nor its suitability for any defined or presumed purpose of use.
  4. The Developer shall not be responsible for the correctness, exactness, timelyness or availability of third party and public services, used in the app (e.g. Google Inc., Microsoft Corporation, GPS, etc).
  5. Via the App, the user can keep certain data in the "cloud". In such cases it means keeping the data in a third party cloud service and using that third party service by the user of the App. The Developer does not provide such service, but makes it possible for the App user to use either a cloud service, arranged by the developer (e.g. Microsoft, Google or other), or to arrange a cloud service by himself/herself. The Developer shall not be responsible for the functioning or content of such cloud service. The user obliges to follow the terms of cloud service.
  6. For the usage of certain functionality of the App, internet connection is needed. The Developer shall not be responsible for the related costs.
  7. The Developer shall not be responsible for any monetary, non-monetary, physical or any other harm that may arise from the usage of the App or the information and services (both by the Developer and third party services) served by the App.
  8. The Developer does not own, collect or process in any other ways personal data of the users, other than only such data that accompanies purchase/download of the App and that is being transmitted by the application shops to the Developer. In transmitting the users' data between the App and cloud service, the Developer merely transmits the data and has limited access to its contents. The user of the App declares and warrants, that he/she hereby gives or has already previously given to the Developer his/her consent for the processing of his/her personal data for such purpose and extent needed for purchasing the App (e.g. first and family name, mobile phone number, credit card number, etc). The Developer shall not, without the prior consent of the App user, disclose his/her personal data to third parties, except for when otherwise provided by the laws of the Republic of Estonia.
  9. Certain functionalities of the App are for fee only. The prerequisite of continued usage of paid functionalities is the timely payment of corresponding fee; otherwise, the Developer shall be entitled to, among other measures, suspend or terminate the possibility to use such functionalities without prior warning.
  10. The Developer shall be entitled at any time and without prior warning to make changes to the App and/or amend the Terms, publishing the amended Terms in the App and/or applications shop and/or on the web page of the Developer. The amendments shall be effective from the moment of publishing. Continuing usage of the App is only allowed by agreeing to the amended Terms and shall be deemed as an acceptance of such amended Terms.
  11. Usage of the App in violation of the Terms and for any kind of illegal activities is prohibited.
  12. Disputes, arising from the usage of the App, shall be settled in Harju County Court; Estonian laws shall be applicable.

The Terms in their current redaction are available here.